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Meet your Guardian Angel

Meet your Guardian Angel

Productnummer: TPMCD0050

Each CD contains 2 Guided Meditations. The second featured guided meditation is much shorter (approx: 10 mins) and cleverly enables an angel meditation to fit much more easily into a busy everyday life. 


Meet your Guardian Angel PMCD0050 
by Jacky Newcomb 

"Have you ever wanted to make contact with your guardian angels? Our spiritual guides and celestial guardians are closer than you might think, and it is surprisingly easy to bring this spiritual realm within easy reach.

By following this guided meditation CD I have prepared for you, you will find your journey to meet with your angel a little easier. I use this meditation in my workshops and many people have powerful experiences when following along." Jacky Newcomb


1. Meet your Guardian Angel - LISTEN
2. Meet your Guardian Angel - shorter meditation 
Each CD contains two separate meditations.

You may want to play the longer version a few times to familiarise yourself with the meditation first of all and then later, when you have more confidence, the shorter version may be all that you need. If you are short of time, as we all are in our busy lives, it will make it easier to maintain your connection with your guardian angel by playing the short version several times a week – or more depending on your daily routine. Each time you play the guided meditation your results will become clearer and stronger."

Featuring Music by Chris Conway - Guiding Light
Specially mixed and Produced by Llewellyn


Jacky Newcomb is an angel teacher and runs workshops all over the UK. She has written for many of the UK’s leading holistic and paranormal magazines (including Vision, and Fate and Fortune, and runs a column (‘Dear Angel Lady’) for CHAT ITS FATE magazine


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